Working with Web Designers for Your Small Business

Small Business Web Design Buyer�s Guide

Table of Contents
Step 1: Small Business Web Design Overview
Step 2: Different Web Design Techniques
Step 3: Planning Your Small Business Website
Step 4: Costs of Hiring a Website Designer
Step 5: How to Find a Small Business Web Design Company
Step 6: Working with Web Designers for your Small Business
Step 7: Your Web Design Contract
Step 8: Helpful Tips for Your Small Business Website

Working with Web Designers for Your Small Business

Researching a small business web design company can take time. Once you�ve narrowed your search to a few prospects, you can consult with designers and ask the specific questions that will help you make your decision.
Compare Web Designers

The two most important qualities in a web design company are quality of work and timeliness in completion of services. Viewing a portfolio and meeting with a designer can be persuasive, but here are a few more considerations to make sure you hire the right designer:
  • The amount of time they�ve been in business � Most established companies have stuck around because they provide quality work and have satisfied clients. Still, an established company can break the budget of a small business looking for just a simple website. New companies that are looking to build their portfolios will often heavily discount services. This can be a great, though riskier, option for businesses that don�t have the money to hire a larger established company.
  • Experience with different types of sites - Most small business web ecommerce sites require more time and skill to design. If your site requires complex programming and customization, make sure the designer has sufficient experience to complete the task.
  • What former clients are saying � Always get references! If you are working with a brand new company, chances are you are still not their very first client. Any designer should be able to provide you with references, even for small projects. References are the best way to determine the working habits of a designer. While his or her portfolio might look great, it won�t tell you how long the work took to complete. Pay careful attention to what clients have to say about timing or customer service.
  • The company�s reliability � Usually, you�ll provide a timeline to the designer that includes the "launch" date of your site. Make sure that the designer is able to meet this timeline. Hiring a graphic design company that can meet set deadlines will make the process much more enjoyable.
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