Helpful Tips for Your Small Business Website

Small Business Web Design Buyer�s Guide

Table of Contents
Step 1: Small Business Web Design Overview
Step 2: Different Web Design Techniques
Step 3: Planning Your Small Business Website
Step 4: Costs of Hiring a Website Designer
Step 5: How to Find a Small Business Web Design Company
Step 6: Working with Web Designers for your Small Business
Step 7: Your Web Design Contract
Step 8: Helpful Tips for Your Small Business Website

Helpful Tips for Your Small Business Website

Once your site has been launched, here are a few additional things you might want to consider for your small business web design:
  • Updates � Almost all small business web development will need to be updated at some point. You might be able to do this yourself, or contact the designer to perform the work. If you have future web programming needs, you might want to consider writing provisions into the contract for additional services once the initial design is complete.
  • Online marketing � Many designers offer marketing services, which can help your site gain visibility and increase traffic. If your designer has experience with these services, it might help to retain him/her for maintenance and additional services in the future.
  • Tracking � Being able to track the number of visitors, which pages they visit, and which links they follow can help you better understand your customers and target future sales efforts. Some designers provide this service, or program tracking functions into your site. Most designers should be able to refer you to a good source for tracking and reporting functions if your needs are more detailed than they can provide for.
  • Web hosting for small business � You�ll need to arrange for hosting services for the life of your site. Hosting is usually inexpensive, and many designers do offer it as a part of a design package. Expect to pay up to $20/month for hosting from a separate provider.
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