Different Web Design Techniques

Small Business Web Design Buyer�s Guide

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Step 1: Small Business Web Design Overview
Step 2: Different Web Design Techniques
Step 3: Planning Your Small Business Website
Step 4: Costs of Hiring a Website Designer
Step 5: How to Find a Small Business Web Design Company
Step 6: Working with Web Designers for your Small Business
Step 7: Your Web Design Contract
Step 8: Helpful Tips for Your Small Business Website

Different Web Design Techniques

Small business web designers offer a wide range of services that can improve customer�s ability to access and use your website. Some of the most important techniques a designer employs are actually "behind the scenes" or strategies that don�t really change the look of the site. Here are some common services and how they can make your site better or easier to find and use:

Web hosting for Small Business

Web hosting describes the location, or address, of your site. Some designers offer hosting services as part of a package or contract. If you need to purchase hosting services separately, make sure you determine this before signing a design contract. Usually you�ll pay a monthly fee for hosting services.

"Front-end" website development

Front end development describes the look and feel of the site. Front end development can make a site more functional by streamlining the links from page to page, and by allowing users to navigate the site more easily. A common mistake many businesses make in designing sites on their own is the organization of pages. A good designer can tailor your site to the type of customer you hope to attract.

"Back-end" website development (programming)

Back end development refers to the behind the scenes operations of the site. It is necessary for any site that sells products or gathers information through customer opt-ins. Back end development encompasses marketing techniques that increase search engine rankings, such as search engine optimization. Small business website development techniques can increase visibility and make your site easier to use.

Compare Web Designers

The types of services you need will depend on your business. The more complex the site or design, the more the total cost. The better you understand the different techniques a designer will use, the better you will be able to communicate effectively about the goals for your site.

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